What’s the difference between Herb and Nic vapes?

Nicotine can now be consumed through e cig devices instead of smelly, tar-filled cigarettes. Unlike a nicotine patch or gum, vaping works better as a smoking cessation device because the vapor gives a smoke-like sensation and efficient nicotine delivery.

These devices are perfect for people who want to quit all kinds of smoking, including cigarettes and hookah. They should NEVER be used by someone who has never smoked or does not have a nicotine habit. These nicotine vaping device cannot be used for weed. It is a totally different technology and vice versa. 

When people talk about the difference between vaping cannabis versus smoking it, they say it’s cleaner and more potent than lighting up a joint, pipe or bong.

With a weed vape, you can manually adjust the temperature of the device to optimize the delivery of THC infused vapor. This allows your stash to last longer because it can be repeatedly vaped over multiple sessions. This helps decrease the waste while increasing the purity of each inhale. The best part about vape is it’s a lot more discreet and doesn’t smell as strong as a joint.

Smokavana carries a wide selection of both, so whatever your need is, we can help!

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